Ukrainian Smackdown: A Good Omen

If you haven’t seen it already you may want to take a look at it. The jist of it is Ukrainian majority and minority parties aren’t getting along. Two days in a row these differences resulted in a massive brawls in parliament. You can read the whole article here and the YouTube Video below.


While many see this as a bad sign (naturally, those in government shouldn’t be pummeling each other), I’m looking at it differently. Not only is this awesome—a bunch of grown men in suits beating each other up—but a sign that democracy is alive and well in the Ukraine.

Let’s rewind the clock a little to a few decades ago. Under Soviet Rule the Ukrainian people suffered greatly. Millions of people were murdered and starved for offenses as little as simply being alive. For 72 years of Soviet rule, the Ukrainian people were brutally repressed. Political opponents, their families, friends, and even neighbors would be tortured and killed under Stalin. a sign that democracy is alive
and well in the Ukraine

Fast forward to 2012 and you have Ukrainian men openly brawling over their democracy. Sure, they probably need to find a more peaceful way to resolve their issues.  But, 20 or 30 years ago these opposition members would have been summarily executed. These people are passionate about their country and their freedom. They are fighting—too literally, but nonetheless fighting—for what they feel should be the direction of their country.

So, as barbaric as it may seem for a bunch of politicians punching each other in the face,  These people are passionate about
their country and their freedom
this is the makings of a civilized society (hopefully).  And a very proud day for the Ukrainians who sought so long to have the right to beat each other up without being shot. They are now able to settle their differences with yelling, screaming, and punching rather than mass murder. Sounds like a decent trade to me.

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