Matthew is 27 years old and currently a student at Oakland University majoring in Communications and Theatre. He is a resident of Southeast Michigan.

He is multi-talented and enjoys many hobbies and interests including:

drama, writing, playwriting, acting, biking, walking, video games, board games, word games, politics, apologetics, theology, American history, online dating, online communities, diversity, tolerance, religious freedom, Creation science, airsoft, social networking, web design, just to name a few.

He originally began his web presence at the age of 11 with his first website “@PEACE’s Cool Christian Website” which later turned into the now defunct “Christian Embassy One” which was replaced some time ago by this website. Despite radical change in age, life, and interests this website still serves the same general purpose it has since his pre-teen years: proclaim the goodness of God and show off his talents.

Matthew currently runs a few websites beside this one including:


Matthew is also active on Facebook with the following pages:

  • America, Humble Yourselves & Pray – A call for America to repent and pray to God as individuals seeking His divine favor.
  • Family Friendly Fun and Cool Stuff – Images, Videos, and More – The name says it all. Have a good, clean laugh semi-regularly.
  • The Adventures of Captain Blazer – The science fiction story of Captain Blazer from the perspective of log and blog posts.

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