A Response To Suffering: Hope

In a conversation on a news article regarding the shootings yesterday I had a small exchange I felt I should share.

You do realize that God exists outside of time, right? God created time. In fact, the Bible says He “was, and is, and is to come.” From a scientific standpoint and from a logical standpoint that’s actually quite advanced thought for having been written thousands of years ago. Before the concept of time as a dimension was even understood, the God of the Bible was admitting He existed outside of the plane of time.

As we understand it, their spirits go to be with the Lord. Christians refer to it as being “asleep in Christ.” Their body is dead, but we know from the Bible that their soul still lives on.

If you exist inside eternity, do you think that a short human lifetime is significant? By that I mean, by the time their parents join them, it’ll only have felt like seconds to the children. If you believe in the saving power of Christ, you look at the world and life and death in very different ways.

The Bible says that we should not mourn like those who have no hope… we still mourn… just as deeply as anyone else. But we also have the saving hope that the suffering of this life is finite and the glory of the one to come is infinite if you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life.

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