Called It!: GOP War Confirmed

So, I called it. Not too long ago I mentioned a little tid-bit about how I thought the Republican party was in the midst of a Civil War. Well, it looks like I’m not the only one seeing it. Jenny Beth Martin, leader of the Tea Party Patriots (wait, isn’t the Tea Party suppose to be only redneck men?), is calling it like it is. In this Newsmax article, Martin explains:

She accuses the GOP of failing to keep its pledge to reduce spending. “I can’t distinguish a difference between how Republicans are acting and how Democrats are acting when it comes to spending.”

Leaders of both parties, she says, are too focused on consolidating and maintaining their power rather than solving America’s problems.

Admittedly, the reasons are a little different, though the signs are still the same. The Establishment Republicans are running out the conservatives in a mad dash for power. I’m going to make another prediction: a viable third party will come out of this if the conservatives fail to reform the Republican party. Mark. My. Words. (and bookmark them too)

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