Shell Shocked: Take Some Cover

The last few weeks of have been tumultuous in America–to say the least. The last few days have been marked by death, terror, and destruction. Before our very eyes we’ve witnessed terror be sowed before our very eyes. Whether it was the terrorist attacks in Boston, ricin (a deadly toxin) on government official’s mail, or the horrible (presumably, accidental) disaster in West, Texas that, as I’m writing this, is still unfolding.

To compound the situation, we have endured several weeks of volatile, high-emotion debate on serious issues like homosexual marriage and gun control. I don’t know about you, but I’m really starting to feel it.

To exasperate the situation further, we are now more connected to information than at any other point in human history. Within an hour of the bombing in Boston videos were already circulating the Internet showing us raw footage of the heinous act. I still can feel that thud of the first explosion in my chest. The same holds true for the explosion in the City of West. We have raw cellphone footage from a gentleman and presumably family who were observing the spectacular fire from a distance. Again, another explosion. Even hundreds, even thousands of miles away we are given a front view seat to death.