Fantasy Earth Zero (FEZ): Interesting for a free game

Note: This post is kept for archive purposes. Fantasy Earth Zero (FAZ) seems to no longer exist. Here is an article that led to me trying this game.

This looks interesting for a free game.  Maybe its my inner 5 year old that also likes blood elfs, night elfs, and paladins that finds some interest in this game.  I’m going to download it while I’ll sleep and give a heads up on it sometime tomorrow as to whether its worth the 1 gig.


So I downloaded the game over night.  Installed it this evening.  I logged in and it obviously is in a beta stage. It didn’t properly fill the entire screen as a fullscreen game should. But that’s fine. Again “Beta” implies unfinished.  I went to the character selection screen.  The options weren’t amazing, but for a free game they were quite good. Each character had about 5 or 6 body styles and hair styles.

As with all Asian anime like games the female characters were portrayed as small and dainty.  Disturbingly they looked like preteens with chests bigger than most super models.  And the game of course makes sure you can see they have a big chest as they have neck lines that are unrealistically low.

I like attractive woman as much as the next warm blooded guy, but this was tasteless.  Despite being a major fan of female characters I couldn’t bring myself to create one so obviously made to cater to the male sex drive.  Not to mention it was just so promiscous it had the opposite effect on me.  It made me kind of sick.

After creating my male scout I tried signing on to a server…no luck.  Only two of the five or six “factions” were choosable and none of them would let me join (unlike other RPGs where your race or class is associated with a faction you choose completely separately).  After trying both servers and signing up for all the factions I gave up and put the game away.

The graphics look good…at least for a free game. Its unmistakeably anime.  In fact a little bit more refinement in the graphics and you’d feel like you were acting out any of many poorly written anime cartoons.

The game looks like it has some fun ideas.  Like its completely centered around massive PvP.  I also found the customization of your faction separate from your character creation fascinating.  But in the end failure to launch and the usual anime idea of women as sex objects left me disappointed if not a bit disgruntled.

I’ll give it another try as they seem to be aware of the population issue, but I doubt this game will become a favorite diversion from my others.

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