Snippet: Religious Freedom vs. Anti-Discrimination: School Sues Teachers

This is an interesting story I found on FoxNews.

Basically, when contracts were about to be renewed, a private Christian school required teachers provide a letter of recommendation from their pastor and a statement of faith.

For a private, Christian school whose goal is to not only teach, but also teach Christians morals, I can understand the importance of that.

Well, a group of teachers decided to sue the school when they refused to comply (the religious orientation of those teachers wasn’t mentioned) and were thus let go.

I can also see there frustration if they were given the job one certain grounds and then later the requirements were changed.

Of course, if they are on contract, and that contract expired, is their argument moot?

It’s a tricky situation. Religious Freedom vs Discrimination. Where is the middle ground? Obviously, we as Christians do not wanted to be denied a job on the grounds of our beliefs. But then we also want the freedom to teach our children in our faith. How do we do that without doing the very thing we ourselves are trying to avoid?

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