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Unfortunately, with how the current marketing/advertising scheme of Facebook is, the average post on our page never sees more than 20 of our fans.

This is due in large part to Facebook introducing the “Boost Post” button. For a fee, we can pay to increase the number of fans who see our posts. Mind you, these are people like you who have already clicked “like” on our page.

That means out of 325 people, most of you will never see a post from us. Which is sad considering the encouraging, uplifting, and informative news and message we’re sharing in our fight to bring America back to God.

There are several solutions to this problem, but the best one (apart from continual prayer for our ministry) is for our members to “like” and “share” our pictures and status updates. When you share our post it increases the likelihood of others seeing it—both our fans and your friends who aren’t fans (yet).

The second best solution is to donate to our ministry. One hundred percent of all donations go straight towards advertising on Facebook. A $10 donation has the potential to add hundreds of more people to our page, and gives us the opportunity to boost more posts so more people can see the message God has entrusted us to share.

Will you please join us in both in prayer and action? Like & Share our posts. Comment. Tag the photos. Interact with our page. Give feedback. Share the page. Tell your friends, family, and church about us. Help us be a part of the revival of America.

Just as each one of us must individually humble ourselves, repent, and pray, so each one of us must take the effort to spread the word and make a change. Many of you are doing that, but for those who aren’t and want to get involved, this may be your first step.

Thank you for your continual support and prayer! God bless you and may God bless America!

Visit us on Facebook ( or on Google+ (

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