Conspiracy Theory: I’m Not Worried

Conspiracies are plentiful nowadays. Some of them are crazy, others have some sense of truth. Ultimately, I try not to think about them. Some may say that I’m choosing to be ignorant, and, maybe I am. But here is how I see it, from behind my computer I’m not...

Website Update – December 21, 2012

Since I’ve been in the mood to mess around with this site, I’ve made some pretty serious updates to the website. Comments Biggest change that anyone other than me would notice is the removal of the Disqus comment system. It was a pain to use and integrate and didn’t...

Pardon My Dust

Apparently, latest update of WordPress wasn’t quite so compatible with my theme so I’ve had to revert to this bland default. With any luck this thing will be working again and I can go back to the beautiful thing that is my site.

Sprucing Up The Place

So, I’ve decided to spruce up this blog a bit. I’ve reorganized things, added a sidebar which includes popular tags, archives, and my Twitter feed. I’ve also changed the coloring which I think makes it seem less bland. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Just got back from #oaklandcc ‘s counseling office

Just go back from Oakland Community Colleges counseling office. I’m sooo glad I waited for an appointment with Dr. Olivarez. He spent a whole lot of time (nearly 45 minutes) going over everything I needed for financial aid, my degree, and transferring to OU. Looks like another semester at...

Glaringly insignificant

I feel so totally insignificant. I’ve done a great job this past semester, but the achievement seems moot. I had hoped to walk away with at least a few new friends. I picked up a couple, but I feel more alone than ever. I keep being told work on...

Burn Notice season premier tonight! w00t!

I forgot how much I missed this show. Michael’s Mom: “I know this much, if Michael wanted to kill you; you’d already be dead.” Posted via email from childofnewlight’s posterous

First real research paper!

Well, not really a research paper…more like a speech outline. But it was my first real paper for college I’ve ever really written and was proud of.  I’ve written a few in the past, but I nailed this one.  I’m very impressed and excited.  Its a sentence outline for...

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