Secret Talents/Skills. I’m going to share a few of mine and feel free to share yours…

So tonight’s post is about Secret Talents/Skills. I’m going to share a few of mine and feel free to share yours either in comments on Facebook or on my page @  I suppose at that point they aren’t very secret anymore.  Oh well…!  The idea is to share something you’re interested in and good at that most people who know you, wouldn’t readily know.

First secret talent is wood working.  I’m not extremely excellent at it, but I’ve done my fair share growing up.  Whether it was helping make cabinets, cradles, a rabbit hutch, or furniture.  I’ve helped make it.  My parents were always pretty keen on letting us participate in someway.  Starting off with wood weights (ie sitting on the plywood so it didn’t move all over the place when they cut it). Later moving to planning and using of power tools (a router is my favorite).

Its this talent that inspired this post. My mom and I are replacing all of our junky old furniture and making our own living room set.  Its pretty sweet on paper and I’m pretty sure we’ll pull it off.  Not to mention the perks of being a guy who knows how to make furniture. When I get married my future fiance and I can spend some quality time together making furniture for our new place.  If you don’t get how that could be potentially romantic you’re not very creative :-p

Second secret talent is landscaping/gardening.  Yet another very useful skill.  Same story. Parents did a lot of it. Whether it was planting a veggie garden or tearing out a tree with a truck (that’s fun btw).  My parents included us and going into adulthood I’ve kept it up.  Its useful and its fun.

Third secret talent… singing. Yes. I can sing.  Very well actually.  I’m best at old hymns but can sing quite a few pop songs too. I don’t do it publicly though. Too nervous.

I had more but I suddenly got tired and don’t feel like sharing any others.  If you want to comment on this post please do!  Add your secret talents or skills!

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