Entitlement of Ideas

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

After a rather minor incident in a video game, I realized how scary and how dangerous an entitlement-minded society is. Once a person believes they are ENTITLED to something you have, your help, or a handout, there is a downward spiral of demands.

We see it in America today. Whole groups of people believe other people in our owe them money, healthcare, birth control, college education, and other forms of “help.”

But it doesn’t stop at things.

Entitled to Thoughts

People with this entitlement mindset also believe they are entitled to not having their beliefs questioned and their ideas challenged. We are seeing it as people are systematically silenced by ever encroaching ideologies who feel that their way of thinking and behaving should supersede all.


They hide under the disguise of “equality” and then use their victories to silence anyone who conflicts with their worldview. Case in point: Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty star)Brendan Eich (Mozilla CEO), Air Force Academy whiteboard censorship — just to name a few.

They believe they are entitled to live without hearing other beliefs, other religions, other theories, other political views, and believe that tolerance is only a tool to silence their perceived opponents. At no point do they allow themselves to consider whether they need to be tolerant of the people they disagree with or whose ideas they don’t like.

To them, these people are to be silenced, and they believe they are fully justified in silencing them. They are entitled to their own reality where everyone is either luke-warm or in agreement — no one say they are wrong.

No Safety

Police in riot gearWhen you realize that these people can become the next generation of government, and already are, you realize that nothing is safe. Your privacy. Your children. Your money. Your property. Your safety. Your ideas. None of those are yours anymore. They belong to the “people”, to be managed by bureaucrats and politicians. All who claim to have “your best interest” in mind, but in reality only care to continue to take hold of what they and their supporters have decided is their entitlement.

This is not going to end well.

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