Conspiracy Theory Garbage: Obama Behind Sandy Hook

The following is an edited version of a forum post regarding the conspiracy theory that the Obama administration was somehow behind the Sandy Hook Massacre. This is my retort; Why I believe that such ideas are ludicrous, and, why they are dangerous. Not aware of this theory? Take a look at this article which sums it up with some other thoughts and links.

New World Order > Handguns

Sandy Hook a product of Obama's New World Order or something less sinister?True colors? I support the 2nd Amendment. I fully support it. I think everyone should be armed. I think it’s wrong to be taking it away. But, I think that this idea that the firearms you have would stand up against a New World Order is bogus. In comparison to an M1A1 Abrams it’s a joke. Which is why I called them “stupid little guns”.

The fact is, you can’t prove any of this. You have links on the Internet. You have YouTube videos. Anyone could fabricate this garbage. One of these days I may start my own conspiracy just to see how many people it could convince.

Media Bias vs. Conspiracy

If you think all of the major media in America is under some New World Order chain and ball, you’re sadly mistaken. Yes, many of them do have agendas. Yes, many of them have questionable influences and owners that DO influence the news. But the idea that ALL of them are corrupt and not reporting on this because their overlords told them to is ridiculous.

The Real Reason

They push to take away guns because their constituents want them to do so. They are under the mistaken impression that no guns means less violence. That’s it. It’s not some super conspiracy to disarm America so they can force it into submission.

I have no problem with exposing the truth, but when that “truth” is a bunch of crackpots on the Internet I have every obligation as a rational person to expose the ill-formed reasoning it is.

The reason we lost the 2012 presidential election wasn’t because of a New World Order or even massive voter fraud. It is in large part because normal, common, rational people don’t want to be associated with the conspiracy theory nuts who spew this “truth” which is more lies and false witness than reality.

I’m a Conservative

United States FlagI’m a Conservative. I’m a Christian. I support the Constitution. I support the right to bear arms. I support true Freedom of Religion. I support small government. I fiercely oppose abortion. I oppose gay marriage. I support prayer in schools. I believe in fiscal conservatism.

What I don’t believe is that there is some extreme New World Order being secretly implemented around us that only random bloggers and online radio show hosts can see. I think that’s crazy. I think that’s ridiculous. And the reason I have my “knickers in a twist” is because this pure crap that is being spewed about all of these conspiracy theories is HURTING and DETRACTING from us achieving the goals we so desperately desire and need as a nation.

Stick to the Facts

It’s because of these hallucinatory rabbits that moderates (who make up the majority of election deciders) don’t want to vote Conservative. They look at our forums, our news sites, our blogs and they see these crazy rants about elected officials murdering kindergarteners. The fact is: you’re not convincing anyone. The only people buying it are people already inclined to believe it. Rational, reasonable people aren’t believing it. Worse yet, they don’t want to be associated or vote for any group that does. They want measurable facts. Which we have plenty of, but for some reason feel the need to stray from them. What are those facts?

  • 54 million+ children have been murdered because of Roe Vs. Wade
  • Government spending is out of control. We’re spending more than we can ever possibly make.
  • Taxes and regulations are strangling small businesses that employ a large number of Americans and who are responsible for the most job growth.
  • Self-sufficiency where possible leads to a more stable, healthier country.
  • Foreign policy under Obama is a joke and has undermined the influence, safety, and security of America.
  • Firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens reduces overall violent crime (i.e., deterrent)

Those are all measurable facts backed by common sense. Claiming that Obama is murdering school children, that FEMA is training the new Hitler Youth (which actually happen to be adults), and other nonsensical claims is not.

Keep Losing

As long as you keep harping on all of this stuff that doesn’t even closely resemble reality, we’re going to keep losing. We will keep falling short of our real goals of fiscal responsibility, return of Godly and family values, and America will continue to be a joke.

So yes, those are my true colors and why I’m fed up with this garbage.

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