Toyota Financial: Discriminating Against Mentally-Ill

I guess it should be no surprise that a creditor is a heartless bastard. However, since assuming the role of conservator for a family member this past year, Toyota Financial has taken the cake in the area of soulless blood-sucking leeches.

Without delving into a whole lot of information, a family member this year had a mental breakdown and ended up behaving in atypical ways outside of their control. I had to file for conservatorship to look after the family member and their assets. Since the beginning of April, I’ve been dealing with Toyota Financial who has refused to acknowledge or accommodate the situation. Understandably, they want their money. But just as much, I want to give them their money. Thing is, I can’t make money appear out of thin air.

Back in May I went through four levels of management only to be told bluntly that since my family member had a mental illness they were unwilling to work with me. In fact, she outright told me that even though this family member wasn’t considered legally competent enough to sign a Power of Attorney, I should have had him sign it anyway and they would have recognized it. This wasn’t just any peon on the phone. This was four levels of supervisors up. The supervisor of the supervisor of the supervisor of the supervisor of the person who answered the phone.

So, instead of make some kind of accommodation for a notably traumatic and out of the realm of foreseeable circumstances, they would rather eat thousands of dollars lost from repossessing the car. Go figure.

So this month we had more expenses than I could anticipate. My family member’s paycheck was reduced, someone who owed us money hasn’t repaid it, and a host of other problems. I made the horrible mistake of only paying half of the payment instead of all of it. I figured, you know, a partial payment is better than nothing. I guessed wrong.

I received a call from Toyota Financial this afternoon asking about the situation. I explain to them the situation, and explain to them when I can have the account fully up to date (middle of January… that’s including this month’s payment which I’ll be able to make.).

“That’s not good enough.” and warns me the calls will only increase to my personal cellphone.

I tell her, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t call me again.”

“Why are you taking care of this if you’re not willing to work with me.”

“Ma’am, you’re the one who is unwilling to work with me.”

“I need this X amount paid by the 25th.”

“Ma’am, I’m not going to give you a date because if I do, and for some reason I’m unable to fulfill it, you’ll call me up and harass me telling me I lied to you.”

And so the conversation repeated for five minutes.

Out of all the banks and financial institutions I’ve had to deal with in the last 8 months, Toyota Financial has been the worst. In fact, CREDIT CARD COLLECTION AGENCIES were far more understanding and far friendlier than Toyota.

So this is my suggestion to you. Don’t do business with Toyota or Toyota Financial. God-forbid something happen to you, they will be completely unwilling to work with you. They will harass you and intimidate you. They are a bunch of thugs and should be avoided like the plague.

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