Prayers for Connecticut

My heart goes out to the families that have been effected by this horrific tragedy in Connecticut today. So many lives taken, so much horror, so much pain and suffering. My prayers go out to the families of the victims. It’s just really unspeakable.

I was going to try avoiding the politics of this, but there are already so many people screaming for gun control. The answer is actually quite the opposite. Bad people will still have guns. They don’t care about laws. They’ll get them illegally like they have been getting them.

The answer is to arm teachers so they can protect themselves and more importantly our children. These steps have been used with success in Israel and Thailand. Obviously, those who are armed need psych evaluations and proper training. But removing guns from law abiding citizens is going to only accomplish one thing: more free targets for bad people.

Prayers sent and continuing for the victims for this horrible, horrible crime.


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