Over the last week I’ve been facing a tough struggle. As to why I have my ideas…but more or less I’m at a loss.  I’ve been emotional to the point of irrational.  I’ve had a hard time coping and dealing with lots of things.  I’m not really sure why its happpening and I’m concerned a little.  but it seems to be straightening itself out and I’m doing my best to keep it under control…looking up.

I have a long way to go before I’m a complete person.  I still have a lot of faults I need to work out.  I have a lot of things wrong with me emotionally and spiritually.  But I think that as messed up as I am, somewhere inside me…maybe even the Holy Spirit is telling me to just keep pushing on… I’ll be healed one day and then I’ll have an amazing testimony to share.  To look back and see the pit and realized I climbed and God pulled me all that way.  Maybe some of my problems I’ll never shake before heaven…but I’m confident that sometime in the future whatever it is that has me tied up and beaten down will be under my feet. Amen.

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