My Complaint With Conservatives: Insiders View

Sith Lord Obama
Tongue in Cheek

Let me begin by saying: I am staunchly morally conservative. This means that I believe abortion is wrong, homosexuality is a sin and shouldn’t be endorsed by the government, that the Bible should be legally taught in schools, and that there is a definite right and wrong. I am very much a patriot and I support our troops. I actually liked President Bush and if it was possible, would like him back in office. But, I have to say more and more that politically I find myself inching towards “moderate” (never liberal, God no).

My Biggest Complaint

My biggest complaint with Conservatives is that, just like Liberals, while trying to promote their case and position they come across as a bunch of ignorant bigots.  Not all, and by no means do I mean to imply my friends or family, but just from reading through comments on Fox News, Facebook, and message boards that’s kind of the impression.  A lot of people make some very uneducated and inflammatory remarks about Democrats and Obama that just don’t stand up to scrutiny and are rather malicious.

I am not a friend of the Democratic Party, Liberals, or Obama. I don’t like any of those three entities. However, I also believe that we need to be fair, free of hatred, and educated in our criticisms.  When you hurl insults, put downs, and illogical fallacies left and right you erode your case, you erode your high ground, and you undermine your cause.

Conservative, Liberal – Both Guilty

Being rational, reasonable, and diplomatic is not a sign of weakness or support of their ideology. It’s a sign that you are a self-controlled, rational person. To make sweeping, inflammatory remarks based more in passion than fact makes you and the rest of the movement look like dufuses. This isn’t to say this is only relegated to Conservatives. The Left does it as well. Both are guilty. But, I feel as a Conservative it places me in a position where I can offer some admonishment. This uncouth behavior harms our cause.

Our Cause is Just

I believe we have a cause that it is just. However, I think its time we got off the vicious cycle of political mudslinging, rumor mongering, hate speech, conspiracy theorizing, and Liberal-hating-no-matter-what-they-do-or-say and stick to the cold hard facts and the moral high ground we supposedly are on.  Make educated and self-controlled responses to liberals. Especially in our own circles such as Fox News or Conservative groups on Facebook.  The fact there are no or few liberals shouldn’t turn us into the playground bullies.  Instead, we should be showing, through our beliefs and convictions, why Conservative ideals are superior.An Example of a Crazy Conservative

It’s because of this continual ignorance that I can’t in my right conscience put my full support behind the Republican party.  I am by no means a Liberal, but I feel that it is important to hear everyone out—even when we don’t agree. There is nothing wrong with fierce, passionate opposition to ideas and views that we believe are wrong. We just can’t be so blinded by that passion that instead of coming across as a mother lion defending her cubs, we appear like a rabid raccoon foaming at the mouth.

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