I’m so hot…

No really. I’m really hot. Thursday started out cold and rainy and by the time I got into bed it was hot and humid.  It was cold inside the house for awhile so we had the heater turned up. By the time I got into my room and headed to bed (after 4am…) I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned for an hour until I decided to come up here and play around with facebook.  I turned the AC on just to get the house to cooldown.  Well, its not that the house was hot persay, but that it was humid.  I don’t do well with humid.

Now, yesterday (its nearly 6am and I haven’t slept yet), was the conclusion of my first week at school.  It was fun. Exciting. An adventure.  Its going to be hard work, but I’m really excited.  Both of my instructors seem to enjoy their subject and what us to learn.  My favorite.  I *need* these classes but I also *want* these classes.  These are topics I’m interested in as a person.  I go to school because I have to, but I also want to make myself better.

I think I’m going to double major.  Communications and Theater.  I had to do a speech for my Speech Class and it had to be on a “good experience”.  I chose my performance of my Job monologue a few years ago.  Doing that speech reminded me of how much I love standing on a stage performing.  Can I really live the rest of my life not involved in some kind of theater? I don’t think so.  This man was made to act and to communicate.  Communications is really the more practical degree.  Its the fallback…but its one I’m interested in.  The idea of learning to effectively communicate seems very powerful to me.

I need to choose a school soon…and I need to fill out my FAFSA.

I’ve been bored with WoW lately. Partly because I’ve had something to do other than WoW. Partly because I’ve played too much WoW. And a big part is that I’ve exhausted a lot of the things I like to do in WoW.  All that’s left for me is raiding. None of the achievements feel like a worthy time sink.  With less and less time to play the need to actually be involved in something interesting increases…and running heroics just doesn’t cut it and I’m honestly burnt out leading raids.  I’ve had little to no help planning and forming and getting them done and I’m just sick of it.  Someone else can do the work. I’m going to go play and do whatever I want, wherever I want and when one of the officers decides they want to help out  that’s fine.  (I should give Brian some credit. He’s been great on more than a few occasions and right now with his grandma having died I expect nothing from him…its his time…but the rest have no good excuse.).

Its fun to actually feel like I have some momentum in life. I’m enjoying school for the first time in YEARS.  I’m very optimistic.  I still struggle with some of the old demons. Like last night I had to really fight back the want to skip class.  It wasn’t out of laziness. More like a fear.  Its not a rational fear…but I had to fight it.  Besides that I’m enjoying it. I’m anxious to see where I can take this schooling and apply it…but I’m going to rest in the solace that I don’t need to figure that out just yet. One step at a time.

“The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.” amen.

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